Rum Runners Animation and Video Production

Welcome to Rum Runners, creators of The Sven and Angus Show
and the AVN Award winning cartoon star, Brickhouse Betty!

At Rum Runners, we strive to bring our fans only the finest quality spiced rum... oh wait. We just drink rum. A lot of rum actually. But HEY! That's why our puppets and cartoons are so funny!

Rum Runners are the masterminds behind the popular puppet show The Sven and Angus Show starring the likes of Hank the Reaper, Willie Talk, Abraham Lincoln and Mohandas Gandhi.

We're also the studio behind Brickhouse Betty, one of the Web's most popular adult cartoon sites. Betty has graced the pages of adult industry magazines like Club International, mobile phone screens, adult DVDs and more websites than we can possibly keep track of (seriously... we get ripped-off a lot).

Our cartoon "Stormy Bangs Betty!" was part of Wicked Pictures' 2006 AVN Award for "Best DVD Extras" for the film "Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre" starring Stormy Daniels and Jessica Drake. That makes Betty the star of the only animated short to ever win an AVN Award. Betty also costarred with Stormy in the 2008 cartoon "Operation Desert Slappy" for the DVD "Operation Desert Stormy" which was also nominated for "Best DVD Extras." Betty is also featured on satellite and cable TV on Playboy TV's "Night Calls" with Jesse Jane and Kirsten Price.

For licensing and broadcast information, or for any other production inquiries, contact us at (remove underscores). Yeah, we're pirates... but in the modern "well, we think it's funny" kind of way.